Government Performance Management Roundtable

Past Events:

July 13th and 14th, 2010 OPPMA Performance Measurement Conference

Choosing, Measuring and Using Performance Information

Featuring Beverly Stein on How to Use Performance Measures and Innovation to Improve Outcomes

Willamette University’s Ford Hall

July 13th: OPPMA’s Performance Measurement 101-- an afternoon session covering tools and techniques of the trade.

July 14th: In the morning Keynote Beverly Stein and OPPMA on Service Area Challenges, at lunch an outdoor BBQ Lunch with networking, and afternoon discussions of performance measurement and transparency from perspectives of elected officials and media.

Link to OPPMA Website: Oregon Public Performance Measurement Association

July 15, 2009 OPPMA Performance Measurement Conference

Morning sessions of performance measurement and reporting training were followed by an afternoon of sessions designed to promote public engagement in data development, performance measurement, and management. Keynote speaker Barbara Cohn Berman of the National Center for Civic Innovation and Center on Government Performance presented material to promote measurement and reporting representative of public perspective and need.

Organized by Oregon Public Performance Measurement Association (OPPMA), Willamette University’s Center for Governance and Public Policy Research, and the Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network (PPMRN).

Workshop Training Materials:

July 2008 Performance Measurement
& Management Training (GASB) Event

Featuring a keynote address by Katherine Barrett and Richard Greene - "Grading the States: The Mandate to Measure," and sessions on Performance Measurement, Reporting & Auditing, Performance Budgeting, Evaluation & Citizen Engagement, and Performance Management & Benchmarking.

The workshop was co-sponsored by OPPMA - Oregon Public Performance Measurement Association.

Benefits of Participation in OPPMA

Performance measurement practitioners and users from all levels in government will benefit from the Oregon Public Performance Measurement Association. The ability to share knowledge and pool resources will be fundamental for members, enabling them to keep up to date in a field which is developing and moving at a rapid rate.

Participants will be added to a mailing list of people interested in the field of Performance Measurement and Management and will be kept informed of developments within OPPMA and opportunities to collaborate and learn.

There will be opportunities for participants to interact, including opportunities to network at conferences and workshops. It is anticipated that workshops and seminars will be organized and held by members for members.