The Senate Leadership Institute

Generating Extra-ordinary Dialogue for Extraordinary Times

The 2009 Senate Leadership Institute's agenda has been coordinated by Anne Murray Allen, Director of the Executive Development Center for the Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University and Judy Hall, Secretary of the Senate, with the counsel and guidance of Senators Suzanne Bonamici, Rick Metsger, Bruce Starr, Joanne Verger and Doug Whitsett.

The agenda is aptly titled "Generating Extra-ordinary Dialogue for Extraordinary Times" and will be led by facilitators who specialize in leadership training, performance improvement, team dynamics, strategic planning, and interpersonal relationships. I have attached a copy of the agenda as well as the background information on the facilitators.

January 13, 2009 -- (Alumni Lounge, 3rd floor of the Putnam University Center)


7:30 am - Introductory breakfast - hosted by Peter Courtney

8:30 am - Welcome and review of objectives for the day

Institute Topic:
"Generating Extra-ordinary Dialogue for Extraordinary Times"
With Conversant workshop facilitators Bob Johnson and Jim Motroni

The design of conversations that produce value vs. waste
Leadership's role in causing valuable conversations

How to create collaboration and the discovery of unprecedented solutions

12:15 pm - Lunch - (Provided by the Center for Governance and Public Policy, Atkinson Graduate School of Management)

1:00 pm - Workshop continues:

"Being smarter than the situation" - strategies and actions to upgrade conversations
Anticipating and preparing for important conversations to maximize the opportunity for success
Applying this to specific issues facing Oregon

4:30 pm - Adjourn

Oregon Transportation Policy Institute

There will also be a half-day program for all legislators presented by the Atkinson graduate school of management, Willamette University. The Oregon Transportation Policy Institute [OTPI] (Growth, Planning, and Funding for Transportation in Oregon), Wednesday morning, January 14, 2009. The program is designed to provide a common understanding of the concepts, challenges, and tradeoffs associated with transportation policies and funding.