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2006 Dempsey Environmental Lecture

The 2006 Dempsey Environmental Lecture, "Environmental Economics: Creating a Sustainable and Desirable Future" was given by Dr. Robert Costanza on February 16, 2006. Dr. Costanza is the director of the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont and is best know for his pioneering work on ecosystem valuation.

Audio and video of the lecture are now available in the following formats:
  1. VHS tapes and/or DVDs can be borrowed from Willamette University
  2. VHS tapes and/or DVDs can be purchased

2005 Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference

The 2005 Dempsey Environmental Lecture and Conference—"Is Nature Calling? New Perspectives on Living with and Working for Nature" was held February 11 and 12, 2005 at Willamette University. Featured Panelists included Ed Begley, Jr., actor and activist; Robin Morris Collin, Willamette University; Dave Foreman, The Rewilding Institute; Dale Jamieson, New York University; Jane Lubchenco, Oregon State University; Carolyn Merchant, University of California-Berkeley; Congressman George Miller (D-California, 7th Congressional District); Andrew Revkin, The New York Times; Terry Tempest Williams, author and environmentalist; and Elizabeth Woody, Ecotrust. Many of the featured panelists have risked their lives, their professional reputations, or both, in their dedication to improving our relationship with nature and with each other. Their stories of commitment and transformation serve as cogent reminders of the personal sacrifice behind collective change.

Audio and video of the lecture and conference proceedings are now available in the following formats:
  1. VHS tapes and/or DVDs can be borrowed from Willamette University
  2. VHS tapes and/or DVDs can be purchased

The 2004 Oregon Hunger Forum

Hosted by the Public Policy Research Center with additional sponsorship by Oregon Food Bank and the Oregon State University Rural Studies Program. The forum brought together researchers, local policymakers, and service providers in a discussion about the problem of hunger in Oregon, why our state is ranked first in the nation in regards to hunger and hungry citizens and what can be done to solve this chronic problem.

Public Health vs. Healthcare: What is Oregon's Best Investment?

Hosted by Oregon Public Health Association and Oregon's Future Magazine and sponsored by Community Health Partnership. This discussion included a distinguished panel of health experts representing government, industry and medical practice who came together to examine how public health and healthcare are different, similar and linked and how Oregon should invest its health dollars.

Can Creation Be Saved?

Hosted by the Public Policy Research Center and the Department of Earth and Environmental Science and sponsored by The Dempsey Foundation, October 2003. Dr. Michael Soule presented the 2003 Dempsey Lecture, titled "Can Creation Be Saved?" Dr. Soule, professor emeritus of environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, is considered the father of conservation biology. He is a founding member of the Wildlands Project, with which he is currently active. Dr. Soule is one of the world's leading experts in population biology and island biogeography theory and is the author or editor of several books.

Forest Futures: Science, Politics & Policy for the Next Century

Hosted by the Public Policy Research Center and the Department of Earth & Environmental Science, September 2002. This conference was designed to discuss and debate the future of Northwest forests. The forum aimed to work toward a better solution to the success and future of sustainable forestry and ecosystem management. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber provided the keynote address. The conference was held in conjunction with the Second Annual Dempsey Lecture in Environmental Science featuring former US Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Bruce Babbitt. Conference program with panelist biographies.

Religion & Politics

Sponsored by Willamette University's Department of Politics, the Public Policy Research Center, the Center for the Humanities, the Chaplain's Office and Educational Programming. Held in November 2001, this conference encouraged creative thinking about the relationship between religious belief and American democracy. Bringing together speakers from around the country and activists working on both a local and national level, the conference sought to reach students, academics, and citizens by reconsidering the role of religious voices, beliefs, and narratives in American political culture.

Greener Institutions for a Changing Climate

Sponsored by Portland General Electric, Portland General Electric Earth Advantage, The Dempsey Foundation, Willamette University's ECOS (Environmental Community Outreach Society), Department of Environmental and Earth Science, Educational Programs Committee and Public Policy Research Center. This forum, held in September 2001, explored ways that educational, governmental and private sector institutions can respond locally to global environmental challenges. The conference was directed at disseminating concrete proposals and ideas for institutional change—how to compute an organization's climate footprint, how to upgrade existing buildings and plan new, more environmentally friendly ones, and how to develop institutional commitment for adopting these kinds of changes. The conference was held in conjunction with the first Dempsey Lecture in Environmental Science by author and entrepreneur Paul Hawken. Conference program with panelist biographies.

Initiatives and Mandates: The Status of Measure 7 and "Takings" in Oregon

Sponsored by Willamette University's Public Policy Research Center and Oregon's Future magazine. This forum, held in April 2001, discussed the passage of Measure 7 in context with "takings" policies within Oregon's borders and beyond, explored the rationale behind "takings" policies and looked at alternative policy options. Agenda.

Downtown Salem 2050 Visioning Workshop

Sponsored by the Willamette University Public Policy Research Center. This workshop was held in January 2001. Neighbors, business leaders, local architects, political leaders, and community activists attended this workshop creating and shaping a positive vision for the future of downtown Salem.

The Internet and Oregon's Future, A Day of Discussion

This policy forum was jointly sponsored by the Public Policy Research Center and the Office of Governor John Kitzhaber. It was held in October 2000 on the Willamette campus. A report for the Oregon State Legislature discussing this forum was published in early 2001. Agenda and schedule.

Fairview Visioning Project

A one-day forum in June 2000 that sought to collect community input regarding the use of the state 'Fairview' property in South Salem. Organized by Professor Russ Beaton.

Day of the Salmon

A one-day forum relating to the political, social and economic factors affecting the reclamation of natural habitat for salmon. Organized by Professor Joe Bowersox. May 2000.