SSRD Digital Collection in the Academic Commons

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Bill Kelm
Systems Librarian
Mark O. Hatfield Library

What does the Willamette Collection have to do with SSRD?

When the Student Scholarship Recognition Day (SSRD) was created by the late CLA Dean Larry Cress, he had more than one goal in mind. The main goal was to provide an avenue for Willamette students to share their exemplary work with their peers, educators, friends, and family. Another goal was to have the papers and projects presented on SSRD to be included in an archive of student work completed at Willamette University.

It was decided at that time that the Hatfield Library would collect copies of these papers and projects, and include them as s part of the Willamette Collection which is located in the Mark O. Hatfield Library Archives. In 2008, the printed papers and projects from past SSRD presentations in the Willamette Collection were digitized, and they now reside online in Willamette's Academic Commons in the Student Scholarship Recognition Day digital collection.

How do I submit my work to the SSRD Digital Collection?

All SSRD presenters are strongly encouraged to submit digital copies of their work to the SSRD digital collection in order to help keep a historical representation of Willamette's heritage and to document the excellent works of our students. Access to this collection is restricted to current members of the Willamette University community.

The presenter's permission is required before papers or projects are included in the collection. A permission form is included in the upload process and digitally saved with the record. This allows the Hatfield Library to reformat, scan, reproduce, catalog and/or electronically display your paper or project.

For directions to upload your thesis/project click here.