International Baccalaureate (IB)

Credit Granting Policy

As of September 28, 2016

Test NameCredit for "5" Higher Level
(1 credit – 4 sem. hrs.)
Credit for "6,7" Higher Level
(up to 2 credits – 8 sem. hrs.)
Biology BIOL 110* (Princ. of Biology)(1) BIOL 110* (Princ. of Biology)(1); BIOL 100** (Gen. Credit(1)
Chemistry CHEM 115* (Intro. Chemistry)(1) CHEM 115* (Intro. Chemistry)(1); GEN 100** (Gen. Credit)(1)
Classical Languages LATIN 232@@(1) LATIN 231 (1); LATIN 232@@(1)
Dance THTR 182 (1) THR 182 (1)
Design Tech. ARTS 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) ARTS 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)
Economics ECON 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) ECON 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)
Environmental Systems and Societies ENVR 105 (Gen. Credit)(1) ENVR 105 (Gen. Credit)(2)
Film FILM 100 (Gen. Credit)(1) FILM 100 (Gen. Credit)(2)
Language A:  Literature
ENGL 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) ENGL 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)
Language A:  Language and Culture ENGL 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) ENGL 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)
History of Africa and the Middle East, Americas, Asica/Oceania, Europe HIST 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) HIST 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)
Mathematics MATH 141@ (Calculus I)(1) MATH 141@ (Calculus I)(1); MATH 100** (Gen. Credit)(1)
Music MUSC 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) MUSC 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)
Physics PHYS 221*@ (Intro. Physics I)(1) PHYS 221*@ (Intro. Physics I)(1); PHYS 100** (Gen. Credit)(1)
Psychology PSYCH 210* (Intro. to Psych)(1) PSYCH 210* (Intro to Psych)(1)
Social and Cultural Anthropology ANTH 150 (1) ANTH 150 (Gen. Credit)(2)
Spanish: Language B
SPAN 232@@ (Intermed.Spanish II)(1) SPAN 231(Intermed.Spanish I)(1); SPAN 232@@ (Intermed. Spanish II)(1)
Theatre THTR 110 (Gen. Credit)(1) THTR 110 (Gen. Credit)(2)
Visual Arts ARTS 100** (Gen. Credit)(1) ARTS 100** (Gen. Credit)(2)

1 credit awarded IB Diploma with score of 30+, listed as GEN 101 (Theory of Knowledge)

Note: One Credit (4 semester hours) is awarded for scores of "5" on Higher Level tests and two Credits (8 semester hours) for scores of “6” or “7” on the Higher Level tests listed above. One additional credit is given for earning the IB Diploma with a score of 30 or above. A maximum of 8 Credits (32 semester hours) may be earned. Credit is not granted for Higher Level scores of "4" or below or for any Standard Level scores. For information on tests not listed above, or if you have other questions, contact:

University Registrar,
Willamette University
900 State Street,
Salem OR 97301

* These course credits do not satisfy Mode of Inquiry general requirements.
** Non-major elective credit.
@ Credit for these courses may be applied toward the Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning requirement.

@@These courses satisfy the Study in Langauge Other Than English requirement.

Descriptions of courses listed above, access the Willamette Catalog.