Apply: First-Year (Freshman) Students

We are delighted that you plan to apply!

Steps to complete your application:

1. Common Application
Willamette University has a $50 application fee.* Submit your payment on the Common Application website.

2. Official High School Transcript
Counselors submit official transcripts through the Common Application. Your senior grades must be submitted as soon as they are available.

3. School Report

Counselors submit School Report Forms through the Common Application.

4. SAT I or ACT scores
Send your official scores from either the SAT I or the ACT.
If you take the SAT I more than once, the Admission Committee will review your highest scores from each section. Your best composite ACT score from a single sitting will be considered.

5. Teacher Evaluation
A letter of recommendation should be sent from one of your teachers (English, math, science or history). This letter should be written on your high school's letterhead, and should include your full legal name.

Once all of your credentials are received, the Admission Committee will review your application for admission.

*Willamette University application fee waiver. The $50 application fee may be waived in the following circumstances:

  1. Alumni endorsed applications
  2. Partner high schools
  3. Designated Community Based Organizations

Need help along the way? Contact us at (503) 370-6303 or