Meet Our Ambassadors

The Willamette Ambassadors lead campus tours and work in our office — you may meet some of them when you visit campus!

  • Image of Anna Ayala '18

    Anna Ayala '18

    Biochemistry; Sacramento, CA

    Fun fact: I lost my childhood pet turtle while taking it out for a walk.

  • Image of Bryn Culbert '18

    Bryn Culbert '18

    Civic Communication and Media; Redmond, WA

    Fun fact: I was recently flown down to Disneyland to run a corporate event for Pixar.

  • Image of Derek Kennedy '18

    Derek Kennedy '18

    Politics and Philosophy; Florence, OR
    Fun fact: I've been to five states (WA, GA, MO, OH, and ND) for conferences through my Willamette leadership positions.
  • Image of Elizabeth Borrego '18

    Elizabeth Borrego '18

    Politics; Davis, CA

    Fun fact: I've only eaten meat twice in my life.

  • Image of Emma Ahern '18

    Emma Ahern '18

    Art History and Politics; Watsonville, CA

    Fun fact: I got to see my thesis topic in person while walking around Rome with my Art History advisor.

  • Image of Grace Gautereaux '20

    Grace Gautereaux '20

    Politics; Gardnerville, NV

    Fun fact: I've met the Vice President of Liberia.

  • Image of Gretal Menzies '19

    Gretal Menzies '19

    Studio Art and Civic Communication and Media; Sydney, Australia

    Fun fact: I was once kicked by a kangaroo. 

  • Image of Jewell Sparks '18

    Jewell Sparks '18

    Biochemistry; Daly City, CA
    Fun fact: I was 19th in the nation for the 400 meter hurdles for the spring 2017 track season. I'm also 2nd all-time at Willamette.
  • Image of Johnson Pham '20

    Johnson Pham '20

    International Studies and Biology; Honolulu, HI
    Fun fact: I love dancing!
  • Image of Jonny Louangrath '19

    Jonny Louangrath '19

    Sociology and Politics; Mill Creek, WA
    Fun fact: I've fed baby elephants in Thailand!
  • Image of Joseph Landoni '18

    Joseph Landoni '18

    Politics; Sequim, WA
    Favorite hidden gem on campus: The bench between Smith Auditorium and the Mill Stream
  • Image of Karla Gutierrez-Hernandez '19

    Karla Gutierrez-Hernandez '19

    Sociology and Spanish; Salem, OR
    Favorite hidden gem on campus: The red couch in the Student Center for Equity and Empowerment, where I like to take naps
  • Image of Katie Bick '20

    Katie Bick '20

    English; Beaverton, OR
    Fun fact: Over the summers I work at a camp, and the kids all call me "teacher Bearcat"!
  • Image of Liam Main '18

    Liam Main '18

    Exercise Science; San Francisco, CA
    Fun fact: I volunteered at a medical clinic in Uganda last summer.
  • Image of Lydia Savelli '20

    Lydia Savelli '20

    Mathematics; San Jose, CA
    Favorite hidden gem on campus: The anthropology hearth
  • Image of Mady Harlan '18

    Mady Harlan '18

    Chemistry; Portland, OR
    Favorite hidden gem on campus: The biology department greenhouse on the 4th floor of Olin
  • Image of Maura Tomassetti '20

    Maura Tomassetti '20

    Psychology; Sacramento, CA
    Fun fact: I have family in Italy, but I still have never been out of the country.
  • Image of Maxwell McKee '19

    Maxwell McKee '19

    Mathematics; Bend, OR

    Fun fact: I performed a duet of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" in the Bistro where I sung strictly in falsetto.

  • Image of Michael Chen '18

    Michael Chen '18

    Mathematics; Palo Alto, CA
    Fun fact: My laugh can be dinstinctly heard from all parts of campus.
  • Image of Nate Dausman '19

    Nate Dausman '19

    English and International Studies; Cheyenne, WY
    Fun fact: I used to participate in culinary competitions!
  • Image of PJ Gibson '19

    PJ Gibson '19

    Physics; Carmel, IN
    Fun fact: I fist-bumped a bee this past spring semester with my finger.
  • Image of Quinn Nottage '18

    Quinn Nottage '18

    Exercise Science; Portland, OR
    Fun fact: I absolutely hate flying but I love airports.
  • Image of Rebecca Ellecamp '18

    Rebecca Ellecamp '18

    Civic Communication and Media; Petaluma, CA
    Fun fact: I founded the Willamette University Snapchat!
  • Image of Riley Burton '20

    Riley Burton '20

    Economics; Seattle, WA

    Fun fact: I am a certified Tulalip Tribes lay advocate.

  • Image of Sam Macdonald '20

    Sam Macdonald '20

    Mathematics; Austin, TX
    Fun fact: I can whistle and hum at the same time.
  • Image of Tim Lee '18

    Tim Lee '18

    Politics; Eliot, ME

    Fun fact: I once had scurvy while working on a boat so I was basically a pirate.

  • Image of Yori Hook '19

    Yori Hook '19

    Politics; Weaverville, CA

    Fun Fact: My hometown does not have any stoplights.