Meet Our Ambassadors

The Willamette Ambassadors lead campus tours and work in our office — you may meet some of them when you visit campus.

  • Image of Emma Ahern

    Emma Ahern

    Art History and Politics; Watsonville, CA

    Fun fact: I got to see my thesis topic in person while walking around Rome, Italy with my Art History advisor.

  • Image of Derek Kennedy

    Derek Kennedy

    Politics and Philosophy; Florence, OR
    Fun fact: I've been to five states (WA, GA, MO, OH, and ND) for conferences through my Willamette leadership positions.
  • Image of Anna Ayala

    Anna Ayala

    Biochemistry; Sacramento, CA

    Fun fact: I lost my childhood pet turtle while taking it out for a walk.

  • Image of Katie Bick

    Katie Bick

    Civic Communication and Media; Beaverton, OR

    Fun fact: Over the summers I work at a camp, and all the kids call me "Teacher Bearcat"!

  • Image of Elizabeth Borrego

    Elizabeth Borrego

    Politics; Davis, CA

    Fun fact: I've only eaten meat twice in my life.

  • Image of Riley Burton

    Riley Burton

    Economics; Seattle, WA

    Fun fact: I am a certified Tulalip Tribes lay advocate.

  • Image of Bryn Culbert

    Bryn Culbert

    Civic Communication & Media; Redmond, WA

    How are you Willamette? Willamette, to me, means a community of individuals who seek to help each other learn and grow. As cheesy as it sounds, I try to embody that and engage in our little Bearcat community. Getting involved and meeting people is the largest part of me as “Willamette.” 

    Fun fact: It is very possible that I drink more Diet Coke than water. Oops!

  • Image of Grace Gautereaux

    Grace Gautereaux

    Politics; Gardnerville, NV

    Fun fact: I've met the Vice President of Liberia.

  • Image of Duong Mai

    Duong Mai

    International Studies; Hanoi, Vietnam

    Fun fact: I traveled to Malaysia this past summer and saw a bunch of palm trees!

  • Image of Elizabeth Borrego

    Elizabeth Borrego

    Politics; Davis, CA

    Fun Fact: I have only eaten meat twice in my life.

  • Image of Emma Ahern

    Emma Ahern

    Art History; Royal Oaks, CA

    Fun Fact: I have 24 metal screws in my jaw.

  • Image of Gretal Menzies

    Gretal Menzies

    Studio Art; Incline Village, NV

    Fun Fact: I am fluent in Australian Sign Language.

  • Image of Guillermo Ramirez

    Guillermo Ramirez

    Economics; Portland, OR

    Fun fact: I've never tried sushi.

  • Image of Haley Sawyer

    Haley Sawyer

    Voice Performance; Camas, WA

    How are you Willamette? I am inspired every day by the community of the professors, students and departments. This inspiration contributes to my multi-faceted involvement on campus.

    Fun fact: I have sung in choir for more than 13 years.

  • Image of Heidi Olsen

    Heidi Olsen

    Psychology; Caldwell, ID

    Fun Fact: I climbed a glacier in Norway!

  • Image of Jarrett Oseran

    Jarrett Oseran

    Politics, 3+2 BA/MBA; Sammamish, WA

    How are you Willamette? I over-involve myself.

  • Image of Jewell Sparks

    Jewell Sparks

    Biochemistry; Daly City, CA

    How are you Willamette? By helping others become more involved in campus affairs.

  • Image of JoAnna Hernandez

    JoAnna Hernandez

    Biology; Nyssa, OR
  • Image of Joseph Landoni

    Joseph Landoni

    Politics; Sequim, WA

    How are you Willamette? I have an incredible passion for community and Willamette embodies everything that is important to me.

  • Image of Kate Steffy

    Kate Steffy

    Civic Communication and Media Studies; Danville, CA

    How are you Willamette? I put the WU in WUHOO because Willamette is really fun!

  • Image of Liam Main

    Liam Main

    Undeclared; San Francisco, CA

    How are you Willamette? I can't go a day without getting something from the Bistro.

  • Image of Maddie Immel

    Maddie Immel

    Politics and Spanish; Redmond, WA

    Fun Fact: With the debate team, I have traveled to China, Ireland, and England!

  • Image of Madi Rotter

    Madi Rotter

    History; The Dalles, OR
    Fun Fact: My pet corgi is named after my favorite band!
  • Image of Mady Harlan

    Mady Harlan

    Chemistry; Portland, OR

    How are you Willamette? I have an emotional support guinea pig that I take swimming in the Mill Stream.

  • Image of Maile Symonds

    Maile Symonds

    Politics and Rhetoric and Media Studies; Fairview, OR

    How are you Willamette? I have a Blitz tat.

  • Image of Mary Rose Branick

    Mary Rose Branick

    Theatre; Corte Madera, CA

    Fun fact: I am an Irish dancer.

  • Image of Max MacKee

    Max MacKee

    Computer Science; Bend, OR

    Fun Fact: I have lived in New Zealand, Australia, and Spain.

  • Image of Megan Malone-Brown

    Megan Malone-Brown

    Sociology; Los Angeles, CA

    Fun Fact: When I was a little kid, I thought that I could talk to animals.

  • Image of Michael Chen

    Michael Chen

    Mathematics; Palo Alto, CA

    How are you Willamette? By being myself, but also by allowing others to help me grow.

  • Image of Mo Xu

    Mo Xu

    Biology; Davis, CA

    How are you Willamette? I lay around the Mill Stream during my spare time and pretend to study.

    Fun fact: I eat pizza crust first.

  • Image of Nebraska Lucas

    Nebraska Lucas

    Philosophy; Portland, OR

    Fun fact: I love M&M McFlurries.

  • Image of Nell Crittenden

    Nell Crittenden

    Politics; Portland, OR

    Fun Fact: I will always have black and silver hair.

  • Image of Phoebe Wagner

    Phoebe Wagner

    Anthropology; Portland, OR

    Fun Fact: I am a certified yoga instructor.

  • Image of PJ Gibson

    PJ Gibson

    Mathematics; Carmel, IN
    Fun Fact: I got peed on by a monkey in Costa Rica.
  • Image of Quinn Nottage

    Quinn Nottage

    Exercise Science; Portland, OR

    How are you Willamette? I am the diversity at Willamette.

  • Image of Rebecca Ellecamp

    Rebecca Ellecamp

    Civic Communications and Media Studies; Petaluma, CA

    Fun Fact: I saw Batman v. Superman in Italian... I don't speak Italian.

  • Image of Savanna Steele

    Savanna Steele

    Environmental Science; West Richland WA

    How are you Willamette? I rep sweaters with Birks and socks. I enjoy tossing the frisbee and having a cup of the Bistro’s special. As well as experiencing constant intellectual stimulation and passion from both my professors and my peers.

  • Image of Scott Lucero

    Scott Lucero

    Economics; Alta Loma, CA

    Fun fact: I am a huge fan of Star Wars.

  • Image of Stephanie Ramirez-Hernandez

    Stephanie Ramirez-Hernandez

    Psychology and Spanish; Santa Maria, CA

    How are you Willamette? By promoting diversity and inclusivity in the things I am involved in.

  • Image of Tessa Konik

    Tessa Konik

    Spanish and Psychology; Colorado Springs, CO

    How are you Willamette? I love the Mill Stream ducks!

  • Image of Tim Lee

    Tim Lee

    Politics; Eliot, ME

    Fun fact: I had never seen a real mountain (over 10,000 ft.) before coming to Willamette.

  • Image of Todd Denning

    Todd Denning

    Physics and Spanish; Florence, OR

    How are you Willamette? How am I not?! I try to live by Willamette’s motto every day!

  • Image of Yori Hook

    Yori Hook

    Politics; Weaverville, CA

    Fun Fact: My hometown does not have any stoplights.