Meet Our Ambassadors

The Willamette Ambassadors lead campus tours and staff our office — you may meet some of them when you visit campus!

  • Image of Ben Bajema '19

    Ben Bajema '19

    Japanese; Santa Fe, NM

    Fun fact: I summitted Mt. Fuji! 

  • Image of Cameron Taggesell '21

    Cameron Taggesell '21

    Physics; Sonoma, CA

    Fun fact: I have an irrational fear of chickens 

  • Image of Claire Mathews-Lingen '21

    Claire Mathews-Lingen '21

    Politics; St. Paul, MN
    Fun fact: I had pet rats: Buzzle, Funny, Charcoal, and Sweetiepie.
  • Image of Daniel Fang '21

    Daniel Fang '21

    Economics and Japanese; Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

    Fun fact: A retired member of the Japanese mafia gave my family a tour of Shinjuku

  • Image of Forrest Deters '20

    Forrest Deters '20

    Mathematics; Dallas, OR

    Fun fact: I've recorded an album in the same studio as Macklemore, Nirvana, and the Spice Girls

  • Image of Gretal Menzies '19

    Gretal Menzies '19

    Studio Art and Civic Communication & Media; Sydney, Australia

    Fun fact: One time my high school accidentally took us camping in a serial killer’s burial ground

  • Image of James Kalama '21

    James Kalama '21

    Undeclared; Fairbanks, AK

    Fun fact: I befriended a moose and would feed it pumpkins.  Yes.  In Alaska.

  • Image of Jonny Louangrath '19

    Jonny Louangrath '19

    Sociology and Politics; Mill Creek, WA

    Fun fact: My first cell phone was a Motorola Razr™

  • Image of Karla Gutierrez-Hernandez '19

    Karla Gutierrez-Hernandez '19

    Latin American Studies and Spanish; Salem, OR

    Fun fact: I once gave a campus tour while holding a child and they fell asleep by the end of the tour

  • Image of Katie Bick '20

    Katie Bick '20

    English and Civic Communication & Media; Beaverton, OR

    Fun fact: I once got a concussion while coloring 

  • Image of Keeton Nance '19

    Keeton Nance '19

    Biochemistry and Spanish; San Francisco, CA
    Fun fact: I snorkled with penguins in the Galapagos!
  • Image of Lydia Savelli '20

    Lydia Savelli '20

    Mathematics; San Jose, CA

    Fun fact:  One of my thumbs is a centimeter longer than the other one! 

  • Image of Maggie Grogan '20

    Maggie Grogan '20

    Exercise Science; Burlingame, CA

    Fun fact:  My favorite animal is the capybara because they are super groovy

  • Image of Maxwell McKee '19

    Maxwell McKee '19

    Mathematics; Bend, OR

    Fun fact: I got in trouble once at Willamette, and it was for having a dance party in an elevator

  • Image of Nate Dausman '19

    Nate Dausman '19

    English and International Studies; Cheyenne, WY
    Fun fact: My home state has a higher population of antelope than humans
  • Image of Phoebe Marcus-Porter '20

    Phoebe Marcus-Porter '20

    Physics; Fort Collins, CO
    Fun fact: My dad and stepdad have the same name
  • Image of PJ Gibson '19

    PJ Gibson '19

    Physics; Carmel, IN
    Fun fact: I once dueled a mouse with only a winter hat as my weapon
  • Image of Riley Burton '20

    Riley Burton '20

    Economics; Seattle, WA

    Fun fact: I was kicked out of the Lourve in middle school 

  • Image of Rose Linville '20

    Rose Linville '20

    Environmental Science; Driggs, ID

    Fun fact: I once had to get stiches for an injury caused by only a broom and rug

  • Image of Sam Macdonald '20

    Sam Macdonald '20

    Mathematics; Austin, TX
    Fun fact: If my middle name began with an "A" my initials would be S.A.M.
  • Image of Vanessa Sanders '22

    Vanessa Sanders '22

    Undeclared; Portland, OR

    Fun fact: I once puked in the Vatican.  My family now likes to joke that I was possessed

  • Image of Yori Hook '19

    Yori Hook '19

    Politics; Weaverville, CA

    Fun fact: When I was a kid, I would challenge my classmates to wasabi-eating contests to make extra money