Scholarships, Aid and Tuition

A Willamette education is exceptional and affordable.

Because we offer generous merit and need based aid — in addition to paid research programs, work study and internship opportunities — and because our students are more likely to graduate in four years, our students’ debt is below the national average. A third of our students graduate with no debt at all.


Total Estimated Costs $33,197.25 $33,391.25 $66,588.50
Description Fall Semester Spring Semester Total Annual
Tuition $24,875.00 $24,875.00 $49,750.00
Fees 264.25 264.25 528.50
Room and Board1 6,280.00 6,280.00 12,560.00
Residential Hall Fees 75.00 75.00 150.00
Books and Supplies (Estimated) 495.00 495.00 990.00
Health Insurance2 1,063.00 1,377.00 2,440.00
Green Fund Fee3 25.00 25.00 50.00
Orientation Fee4 120.00 - 120.00


1The Room and Board rate is based upon standard multiple occupancy in a residence hall and Meal Plan C. Actual rates may differ depending upon room type and meal plan selected.

2Health Insurance: if you have comparable coverage you may waive this premium. The health insurance rates for international students may differ from the rates for domestic students listed above. Please click on the Health Insurance link for details.

3The Green Fund Fee is optional and may be declined by the student in WebAdvisor. The optional fee was approved by a student body vote during the 2014 spring semester.

4The Orientation Fee is a one time only fee that is charged in the Fall term for new students, both incoming freshmen and transfers. The purpose is to cover the cost of the Opening Days festivities.

Financial Aid

Willamette’s approach to aid: Our financial aid process is both merit and need-driven, influenced by the quality of a student’s academic record and their financial resources. Strong students will receive scholarship recognition from us regardless of whether they qualify for need-based aid. For students with demonstrated financial need, academic standing also is a strong factor in how much gift aid (scholarships and grants) they receive.

Sources of aid: The primary sources of aid we offer include Willamette grants and scholarships, federal and state grants, federal student loans and work opportunities. After students are admitted to Willamette, they receive a financial aid award letter detailing the different types of aid we are offering.

Additional ways to pay: In addition to the aid we offer, we encourage students and their families to pursue all possible sources outside of the university. These could include state grant and scholarship programs, local community scholarships, work opportunities, Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students (PLUS loans) and home equity loans. Learn more

Have more questions about paying for college or financial aid? Visit Financial Aid or call us at 877-542-2787.