Sam Kuhn '12

Director of the documentary film, Finding Truelove, 2012

Art History and Film

I majored in Humanities as a circuitous route to fulfill an unscratchable itch for film. It placed me in a somewhat paradoxical position, as there is no Humanities department at Willamette. The Art History department, however, saved me from certain orphanage by taking me under their wing and supporting my chameleonic approach to college. The Art History professors genuinely treat their students like a de facto family, exercising a degree of flexibility and encouragement that I found electrifying. It is the only department at Willamette offering "café" courses where students can choose material to discuss with their professors while leisurely sipping coffee.

Like the artists they teach, professors De Mambro Santos and Susik have uniquely illuminating ways of seeing and revealing the world that can really get under your skin.

I remember many memorable lectures, some so great that you would skip your next class and spend the rest of the day explaining to your friends why the pipe is perhaps not a pipe after all.

I'm now a graduate and busy navigating the post-college labyrinth. Although I no longer have the honor of shooting the breeze with Ricardo and Abigail on a weekly basis; their voices remain like ghosts in the mind, forever reminding me to dive deep and seek what lies beneath the image, if anything at all.

— Sam Kuhn, Fall 2013, Humanities Major