Hogue-Sponenburgh Lecture Series

The Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectureship, established and endowed by the late Janeth Hogue-Sponenburgh and Mark Sponenburgh, enables the Willamette University Departments of Art and Art History to bring a noted scholar, artist, critic, curator, or leader in the visual arts to campus each year to deliver a public lecture and to meet informally with students and faculty.

The Sponenburghs were also the generous donors of a collection of more than 200 historical art objects representing five cultural areas worldwide, which the University received in 1990. The donation of this collection was instrumental in forming a foundation for the establishment of Willamette's Hallie Ford Museum of Art, which opened in the fall of 1998. Beginning in 2011, the annual Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lectureship will be organized in alternate years by the Department of Art and the Department of Art History.

Professor Alessandro Nova
Upcoming Lecture

Hogue-Sponenburgh Lecture: Professor Alessandro Nova

  • April 14th, 2016 | 7:30 PM
  • ‘La dolce morte’: Leonardo’s Anatomical Drawings and the Cognitive Value of Images
  • Prof. Alessandro Nova, Director of the Kunsthistorisches Institute im Florenz

Recent progress in neurological studies has instilled renewed vigour into the discussion of the role played by images in the service of medical research and their inherent authority.

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Past Lectures

Past Lecture

Alumnus discusses value of making art

Adam Stennett ’94 spoke at Willamette as part of the Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lecture Series.

Professor Alessandro Nova
Past Lecture

Transplanting China on the Global Stage

Dr. Patricia Berger, University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Patricia Berger, University of California, Berkeley
Upcoming Event

Lecture on race in art and contemporary culture

As part of the Hogue-Sponenburgh Art Lecture Series, contemporary artist Myra Greene will explore photography’s depiction of race.

Image: Myra Greene's "My White Friends" series

Myra Greene's "My White Friends" series