Art students learn and connect beyond the classroom with peers and faculty through exhibition openings, lectures, and collaborative projects.

The Senior Art Exhibition opening draws a crowd of hundreds to the Hallie Ford Museum of Art. Weekly exhibitions at the Student Gallery showcase current work in all studio classes. The Roger W. Rogers Gallery offers further access to art viewing through exhibitions of professional artists’ work.

Students gain deeper understanding of art practice through artists’ lectures including the Hogue-Sponenburgh Lecture Series that brings a distinguished lecturer to campus annually. Additional visiting artist’s lectures and all-department field trips to the Portland Art Museum connect students with contemporary art, peers, and faculty.

Student learning is supported and enriched by a variety of internships, scholarships and grant-funded summer projects. These include departmental scholarships and awards, internships at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art and grant programs that offer unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with faculty on intensive summer projects. These include the Carson Undergraduate Research Grant, the LARC grant (Liberal Arts Research Collaborative in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) and the Learning by Creating grant. These grant programs promote student and faculty collaboration and immerse students in intensive studio work.