Program Information

The Asian Studies Program fosters interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of the rich cultural heritage of Asia. Course offerings cover a broad range of disciplines, primarily in the humanities. These include history, anthropology, art history, philosophy, religion, sociology, and literature with options for individual students to include courses from additional disciplines. Many of these courses complement other programs within the University, particularly the study of Chinese and Japanese language. Program faculty strongly encourages Asian Studies students to study in Asia as part of their major program.

The twelve-credit major in Asian Studies is structured to include:

  1. Introduction to Asian civilizations, cultures, or societies (one credit),
  2. Study of an Asian language through the third year or the equivalent of two years each of two Asian languages (four credits),
  3. Exploration across several disciplines and countries with a choice of electives
    1. at the 200 level (three credits) and
    2. at the 300 or 400 level (three credits), and, finally,
  4. Senior Experience involving a writing project to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills the student has gained through his/her study of Asia (one credit).

The minor in Asian Studies focuses on the study of the broad historical and cultural traditions of Asia as a foundation for the exploration of more specialized topics, both in the humanities and in contemporary areas of social, political and economic development.

The Asian Studies major is for students broadly interested in Asia. Many of the courses complement other programs within the college, particularly the study of Chinese and Japanese language. However, no more than eight of the twelve major courses may focus on a single Asian country. Students whose interest in Asia focuses on China or Japan are encouraged to pursue a major in Chinese or Japanese Studies. Student majoring in Asian Studies may not also major in Japanese Studies or minor in Chinese Studies. Students majoring in Asian Studies must acquire the special permission of their advisor in order to acquire a second major in International Studies.