Rosa León Zayas

Assistant Professor of Biology

Book Chapters

León-Zayas, R.I., Peoples, L, Biddle, J.F., Podell, S, Novotny, M., Cameron, J., Lasken, R.S., and Bartlett, D.H. “The metabolic potential of the single cell genomes obtained from the Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench within the Candidate Superphylum Parcubacteria (OD1).” Environmental Microbiology 19.7 (2017): 2769-2784.

External Grants and Fellowships

Rosa León-Zayas, Biology. Research Subaward from University of Delaware, Science Mission Directorate’s Planetary Science Division Research Opportunities in Space Science Grant, “Our Archaeal Cousins: Evolution and Function of Eukaryotic Homologs in Sedimentary Archaea,” (Jennifer Biddle, PI, Award No. 80NSSC17K00300), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), $25,000, August 2017.