How to Declare a Biology Major

Declaring a Biology Major is not only a fantastic choice, it's very simple!

1. Print and fill out the Major or Minor Declaration Form

Major Declaration Form (pdf)

Minor Declaration Form (pdf)

2. Bring your completed form to the current Department Chair for a signature.

We currently have two chairs! Dr. David Craig (Olin 208) and Dr. Chris Smith (Olin 210) are co-chairing the department and either can approve your declaration.

3. Photograph the moment

Often, biology majors are so excited to have declared they sometimes wake up and think it was all a wonderful dream. To prevent this from happening to you, you will be asked to take a photograph as proof. To view our past and current majors check out our flickr site.

4. Submit the form

Turn your completed form into the registrar's office.

5. Request lab access

If you don't already have 24/7 access to Olin, or need additional after hours access to key-pad guarded lab spaces, contact Mary Martin, Program Coordinator for Biology & Chemistry in Olin 202.