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English Language/American Studies Program

ELAS 300-370 Liberal Arts Elective Courses

These courses provide liberal arts courses to Japanese study-abroad students with a variety of curricular choices in specific academic disciplines that will allow them to explore U.S. culture and academic subjects. These courses typically include those in American History, Politics, Sociology, Linguistics, Music, Intercultural Studies, Business and American Studies (for example, Environmental Issues in the U.S. West, Ethics in a Global Business Environment, Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Sport and Sport Science, and Religious Themes). Courses and faculty are selected in cooperation with other academic departments at the end of the preceding calendar year. Detailed descriptions are distributed to students prior to summer and fall registration. May be taken multiple times with change of topic. Credits transfer to Tokyo International University (TIU) and are not applicable toward graduation at Willamette.

  • Offering: Summer and Fall

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