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Exercise Science

EXSA 030X-100X Activity Classes (.25 credit each)

These classes are listed by title in the class schedule. Many are offered each semester and will on occasion have multiple sections or a suffix of I or II (novice or a more advanced level -- respectively). Activity classes are coed unless otherwise specified. Course offerings include: step aerobics, basketball, crew, fencing, golf, karate/self-defense, Tai Chi, tennis, scuba, skiing, swim fitness, swimming, volleyball, weight training, conditioning, and yoga. No more than 2 credits (8 courses) from a combination of activity (EXSA) or Varsity Sports (EXSV) courses can count toward graduation. A student may pre-register for a maximum of one EXSA course per semester. If the student has taken less than an average of one EXSA/EXSV course for their previous Willamette semesters, a maximum of one additional EXSA course may be added on the first day of classes on a space available basis.

  • Offering: Every semester
  • Instructor: Staff