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HIST 360W Expressive Cultures in African History (1)

This course uses African expressive forms such as music, fashion, sport, theatre, and art as a lens to understanding larger historical transformations--colonialism, urbanization, and independence--in twentieth century Africa. Organized thematically, the course will concentrate on three major themes: African expressive cultures as (1) sources of empowerment and resistance; (2) sites of consciousness producing new kinds of self and collectivity; and (3) expressions of older values and beliefs, as well as newer cultural forms. In addition, we will explore the lives of particular African artists, musicians, and actors and focus on how these individuals have reflected larger political, economic, and social changes over the past 100 years. Not only will this course enrich students' understanding of how Africans carve out for themselves time for pleasure and enjoyment, but also demonstrate how such creative practices reflect African understanding of their own history.

  • General Education Requirement Fulfillment: Writing-centered
  • Offering: Annually
  • Instructor: Murillo