Quick Facts

Our Philosophy

The Department of Chemistry is committed to providing the highest standards of education as possible for our students. We place teaching at the top of our priorities and also spend a significant amount of time engaging in research via collaborative student-faculty projects.

Our majors feel a sense of community on the third floor of Olin Science Center, where the faculty offices are all clustered around the "Chemistry Hearth". The Chem Hearth is a living-room style area with tables, couches, chairs, and kitchenette where students and faculty convene to study, talk, and eat together.

Testing out of Introductory Chemistry (Chem 115)

During Opening Days at Willamette University, students have a chance to take the Chemistry exam. The exam is essentially a final exam from Chemistry 115. Students who score high enough will not be required to take Chem 115. The exam does not, however, give the student college credit for having taken the course. The main advantage is that it frees up a student's schedule to take other courses. The student may then take Chem 116 in the spring semester.

Get credit: AP/IB

For policy and general information about using AP (Advanced Placement) and IB (International Baccalaureate) scores see the Willamette University Online Catalog section labeled Transfer Credit/Advanced Standing.

See the following links for credits offered across all disciplines.

AP credit
IB credit