American Partners

  • Image of Robert Trapp

    Robert Trapp

    Project Director
    +1 503 370 6624
    Robert Trapp, Professor of Rhetoric, is the Director of the Willamette University Debate Union. He began his career as a debate coach over forty years ago.
  • Image of Una Kimokeo-Goes

    Una Kimokeo-Goes

    USA Partner Coordinator
    Dr. Una Kimokeo-Goes is the Assistant Director of Debate at Willamette University and a Continuing Instructor of Rhetoric.
  • Image of Melissa Franke

    Melissa Franke

    USA Partner Coordinator
    Dr. Franke is an assistant professor and debate coach at Pacific Lutheran University. She has extensive experience coaching debaters to attend tournaments across the US and the globe.
  • Image of Eric Barnes

    Eric Barnes

    USA Partner Coordinator
    Eric Barnes (伯宁) is a philosophy professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in New York, where he is also the director of the debating program. Prof. Barnes has published a textbook on debating and he created the annual HWS / IDEA Round Robin. He has run debating workshops internationally, including workshops in China, and he has judged semi-finals at the FLTRP. Prof. Barnes began coaching debate in 1991 and has broken as a judge at Worlds and at other major international tournaments. His students have broken at the World Championships and were the US National Champions in 2012.
  • Image of Yiqun "Ted" Cheng 程轶群

    Yiqun "Ted" Cheng 程轶群

    Assistant US Partner Coordinator
    Yiqun "Ted" Cheng 程轶群, Champion of China Debate Open 2012, is an active member of Hobart and William Smith Colleges debate team. Enthusiastic about promoting debate in China, he has served as an independent adjudicator in FLTRP for three consecutive years, including as Deputy Chief Adjudicator in 2012. He has also helped found Nanjing Foreign Language School Debate Society and hosted the first training workshop there. He served as the tournament director for the 2011 HWS / IDEA Round Robin, an international debate competition that frequently features Worlds champions, and he will reprise this role in April 2013.
  • Image of Derek Buescher

    Derek Buescher

    USA Partner Coordinator
    Derek Buescher is Professor of Communication and Director of Forensics at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. Professor Buescher also serves as Department Chair and is President of the United States based National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. He has served as a trainer of debate, judging, and argumentation and as an adjudicator for IDEA in China since 2008 at the FLTRP Cup, China Open, and other regional tournaments. At his home university he teaches courses in media criticism, argumentation, and cultural studies.
  • Image of Jackson B. Miller

    Jackson B. Miller

    USA Partner Coordinator
    Jackson B. Miller is a Professor of Communication Arts and Director of Forensics (speech and debate) at Linfield College. He has been actively involved in competitive speech and debate since 1988, and has served as the director of the debate program at Linfield College since 2001. Professor Miller has also worked as a debate trainer for IDEA at workshops and tournaments in Guatemala, Turkey, Botswana, and Mexico.
  • Image of Robert Margesson

    Robert Margesson

    USA Partner Coordinator
    Dr. Robert Margesson is the Director of Debate at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. Prior to directing at Regis, Dr. Margesson was the Director of Debate at Colorado State University. Dr. Margesson's research interests include communication ethics, rhetorical theory, and social movement theory.