Robert H. Lucas

Professor Emeritus of History, 1973-2004
Specialty: Medieval French History; Ancient History

A specialist in the history of medieval France, Professor Lucas spent a part of his life in Paris while he worked on his critical edition of Le Livre du Corps de Policie (The Book of the Body Politic) by Christine de Pizan (c. 1364-c. 1430), often called "the first feminist". His book is still the standard edition of this text. For example, the most recent translation of the Book of the Body Politic, by Kate L. Forhan (Cambridge, 1994), is based on Prof. Lucas' work.

For the Classical Studies Program at Willamette University, Prof. Lucas lectured on ancient Greek and Roman history. Renowned for his dry humor, he has been recalled from retirement twice so far, once to teach his ancient history surveys in Fall 2004, another time to offer Western Civ Since 1650 (Spring 2007).

In February 2004, Prof. Lucas was honored with the United Methodist Award for Service.


  • B.A., University of Oregon
  • M.A., Ph.D., Columbia University


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