Fred R. Porta

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics, 2000-2001

Dr. Porta, a specialist in Greek poetry and religion, ably represented the Classics at Willamette in the year after Prof. Usher's departure (2000-2001). Among other things, he taught an intermediate Latin prose class on Petronius' Satyricon and Apuleius' Metamorphoses.

Currently, he is a Lecturer at Stanford University teaching Sanscrit in the Special Languages program. He has also taught Ancient Greek for the Classics Department in the Introduction to the Humanities Program. At student request, he offers classes and tutorials in rarely taught ancient languages such as Old Irish, Mycenaean Greek, ancient Greek dialects, Old Persian, Avestan, Sogdian, Parthian, Khotanese, Tocharian, Gandhari, Pakrit, Pali, Hittite, and Luwian.


  • Ph.D., Harvard University

Select Publications

Greek Ritual Utterances and the Liturgical Style. Diss. Harvard, 1999.