The Eighth Annual Northwest Undergraduate Conference on the Ancient World

Schedule for the

Eighth Northwest Undergraduate Conference

on the Ancient World

Saturday April 20, 2013

Ford Hall, Willamette University


9:00 conference registration opens, continental breakfast served

9:50 Introduction

SESSION ONE: Greek Medical Theory

Chair: Ann Nicgorski (Willamette University)

9:55 Allegra Radcliffe (Evergreen State College)

"Midwifery and the Plebeian Woman in the Roman Empire"

10:15 Andrew Fleming (Portland State)

"The Transmission of Hippocratic Theory through Syncretistic Amulets of the Byzantine Empire"

10:35-10:50 break

SESSION TWO: Greco-Roman Drama

Chair: Ulrike Krotscheck (Evergreen State College)

10:50 Eva Michalak (Willamette University)

"The Role of Women in Terence's Heautontimorumenos"

11:10 Zach Flathers (University of Puget Sound)

"Bodies on Stage: Senecan Tragedy and Staging Violence in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus"

11:30 Lacey Polvi (Willamette University)

            Euripides Ion: biai gamos


12:00-1:00 lunch

SESSION THREE: Hexametric Poetry

Chair: Ortwin Knorr (Willamette University)

1:00 Ian Wright (University of Puget Sound)

"The Isolation of Achilles: Companions, Fathers, and Wives in Iliad 9"

1:20 R. Allen Snider (University of Washington)

"By Land and By Sea: Comparative lifestyles in the pastoral tradition"

1:40-1:45 break


SESSION FOUR: Ancient Greek Women's Experiences

Chair: Owen Ewald (Seattle Pacific)

1:45 Elizabeth Ferrington (Evergreen State College)

            "From Birth to Burial: Girls and the Control of Sexuality in Ancient Greece"

2:05 Kirsten Straus (Willamette University)

            "Rape and Motherhood in Greek Tragedy"

2:25-2:30 break

SESSION FIVE: Roman Imperialism

Chair: Robert Chenault (Willamette University)

2:50 Kip Godfrey (Pacific Lutheran)

"Britain and Rome before the Claudian invasion"

3:10 Alley Jordan (Seattle Pacific)

            "Roman Foreign Policy: Understanding Julius Caesar's Motives in the Gallic War Through the Lens of George Bush's in the Iraq War"

Check back soon for schedule!