Dear Fellow Bearcats

Kelci Jacoby '16, Opening Days CoordinatorYou have begun the process of becoming a student at Willamette University. Over the course of the summer, you have already begun and will complete selecting a College Colloquium, registering for your first semester of college courses, and indicating your housing preferences. It's an incredibly exciting time, which culminates with Opening Days, our new student orientation.

During Opening Days, commonly called "OD," you will move into your new community, meet your fellow classmates, and begin your College Colloquium course. Your dedicated and enthusiastic OD Leaders will contact you before OD even begins to introduce themselves and answer your questions. During and after OD, your OD Leaders will help you transition to your new community at Willamette. OD is a student-run program meaning that I, as OD Coordinator, along with a skillful Leadership Team have designed OD to introduce and welcome you to our community. We are here to support you, and I may be reached over the summer with any questions.

Before OD begins, relax and enjoy your summer - curl up with some Netflix, go adventuring, or both! Your OD Leaders and I cannot wait to welcome you home to Willamette come August 20th, as you begin your collegiate journey with boundless opportunity and possibility.

Kelci Jacoby ‘16
Opening Days Coordinator

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