Dear Fellow Bearcats

You have begun the process of becoming a student at Willamette University.

Gretchen F. Moon, Associate Dean, Professor of EnglishIt’s May, and most of you will graduate from high school in the next few weeks. Some of you have already graduated. Someone at your graduation exercises will almost surely mention that you are truly commencing, beginning, setting out, as on a journey. Indeed you are: You’re commencing your college years, and we want that journey to be spectacular!

I want to take this opportunity to share with you some of the points of interest on this journey, and some of your fellow travelers. A Willamette education is highly relational and interactive, and you’ll be traveling this summer with current undergraduates who will help you register, faculty members who will welcome you to College Colloquium, Student Success Mentors who will introduce you to the Compass program, administrators who will guide you through housing and financial aid, your future roommate, Opening Days leaders, coaches—we just can’t wait to meet you!

In early May, you will receive an email from me with several specific steps to take in May and June in preparation for your arrival on campus next fall. That email will include links taking you to further instructions and information, especially around activities that get you enrolled first in College Colloquium and soon thereafter in your other fall classes.

Oh, the places we’ll go!

Gretchen Flesher Moon
Associate Dean
Professor of English

Things To Do Beginning May

Week of May 9

Welcome Email & Create your Willamette email account

By May 16

Submit your College Colloquium preferences

Week of May 20

Housing registration information mailed

May 31

Electronic notification of College Colloquium placement

By June 1

Fill out the online Advising and Course Registration Questionnaire

By June 5

If you plan to continue the study of a foreign language take the appropriate placement test

Read the advice about placement in Mathematics

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Become a Bearcat

Become a Bearcat

Secure your place in the entering class at Willamette University. Your enrollment deposit is due by May 1 or by the date specified in your admission letter.

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The Class of 2020

The Class of 2020

Enrolling students use the Willamette University Facebook Group "The Class of 2020" as a way to communicate with each other, seek advice and build a sense of community.

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