Welcome to Willamette University!

On behalf of the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts, I want to welcome you to your first year at Willamette University. You are joining an exciting group of outstanding students and faculty, and we’re proud that you’ve decided to continue your undergraduate journey with us. You will meet all new students, especially other transfer students, during Opening Days. You are welcome to participate through the entire program, beginning August 23rd, or in a more streamlined version for transfer students on Friday, August 25th. Regular classes will begin on Monday, August 28th—and then you’re on the path toward your degree!

You will notice that some deadlines on the Enrolling Students page are directed specifically to first-year, first-time students. Transfer students with more than 5 completed credits do not take a College Colloquium or complete the pre-advising questionnaire, for example. But you do have tasks to begin soon!

First, you’ll need to set up your Willamette network and email account. Most communications you receive from Willamette this summer will come through your Willamette email. If you will not have internet access for extended periods during the summer, please contact Advising and Registration at (503) 370-6573 to provide alternate contact information—soon. To set up your network account and to register your emergency contact information,

Second, please prepare to register for fall classes:

  • Early in June, we will contact you to schedule an advising and registration phone appointment; the actual appointments will take place between June 5th and 30th.

Third, visit the Enrolling Students website before your registration appointment:

  • Start exploring options for your courses at the Transfer Student Advising webpage. You will find advising information on the curriculum and requirements.
  • Willamette has a foreign language requirement. If you plan to continue a language, you must take a placement test before you will be allowed to register for a language. Take the test as soon as possible, but no later than June 5th. If you plan to start a new language, no test is required.
  • You should also read the advice about placement in Mathematics by June 5th as well.

Check the Enrolling Students website throughout the summer for additional information. We will add information about registration, housing, and Opening Days.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at advising@willamette.edu or phone (503) 370-6573.

Gretchen Flesher Moon, PhD
Associate Dean for Student Success
Professor of English