I want to welcome you to Willamette University!

We’ll meet in person at the orientation for transfer students in August, but before then we’ll meet on the phone to pre-register you for the Fall 2015 semester.

To prepare for our phone conversation, you’ll have several steps to take:

  • First, please locate and peruse the online Transfer Student Advising Manual. Please follow that page's links to “The Curriculum” and “Graduation Requirements Summary Sheet.”
  • Second, you’ll want to follow the instructions for setting up your network account. Once you have a network account, we’ll be using your Willamette email account for communication.
  • Third, once you have a network account, please follow the link to “Study in Language other than English,” and from there, to information about “Foreign Language Placement Exam.” You should complete your foreign language placement exam before our appointment.

The Registrar will analyze your transcripts and assign credit toward graduation and, as appropriate, toward the General Education program. If you are ready to declare your major, the chair of that department will assign any credits you have toward the major, perhaps at a later date. You can read the requirements for your major from the link to the CLA Catalog. If you don’t yet know what your major is, think about what major(s) you want to explore this fall. Again, you might want to read about majors from the link to the CLA Catalog.

At this point, we’ll be ready to talk about courses you want to take this fall!

When your transcripts are in and you’ve done your language placement exam, please email me (advising@willamette.edu) with contact information (phone number and good days and times to call you) to set up an appointment. You’ll probably want to link to “Planning Your First Semester” and be prepared with ideas about what to take with alternatives to account for time conflicts or closed classes. The “Planning” tab also has links to the Fall 2015 course schedule on the Registrar’s web site.

In our phone meeting, we’ll sign you up for the courses you want and need to take. I’ll try to answer your questions about the truly exciting life you’re about to enter. You’ll meet your Academic Advisor, a faculty member, at the Transfer Student Orientation.

Don’t forget those final transcripts!

Again, I send you a very warm welcome to Willamette; I look forward to working with you.


Gretchen Flesher Moon
Associate Dean
Professor of English