Fellow Bearcats,

Welcome and congratulations on beginning your journey as a student at Willamette University!

Holly WalshThroughout the summer, you will select and register for your College Colloquium, register for your first semester of college courses, and indicate your housing preferences for your first year. It is an incredibly exciting time in your life and that excitement will continue with Opening Days - Willamette’s incoming student orientation program - in August.

During Opening Days, you will move into your new community, meet your fellow classmates, and begin your College Colloquium course. Opening Days is an entirely student-run program, meaning that I, as Opening Days Coordinator, along with a skilled Lead Team, have designed the program to introduce and welcome you to our community in the most enjoyable and informative way possible. Your dedicated and enthusiastic Opening Days Leaders will contact you before Opening Days even begins to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. During and after Opening Days, your Opening Days Leaders will be there as a resource and as a friend for you and will help you transition to your new community here at Willamette. We are all here to support you, and I would love to hear from any of you this summer if you have questions or concerns.

Before Opening Days begins, relax and enjoy your summer - binge-watch some Netflix, go adventuring, and enjoy the last summer before you are a college student! Your Opening Days Leaders, myself, and the Willamette community cannot wait to welcome you home on August 23rd, as you begin your collegiate journey with boundless opportunity and possibility.

Holly Walsh ‘18
Opening Days Coordinator

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