Graduation Requirements Summary Sheet

  1. Satisfactorily complete 31 credits (doc), of which no more than two may be earned in internships. At least 15 of these credits must be earned in residence. The final year of study shall be spent in residence or in Willamette approved off-campus study programs.
  2. Apply no more than 10 credits in a single department and no more than 14 credits in any major program toward the minimum of 31 credits required for graduation. Internship credits are exempted from this limitation.
  3. Satisfactorily complete an approved major program, including the Senior Year Experience.
  4. Satisfactorily complete the General Education Program which includes:
    • Study in a language other than English
    • Three writing-centered courses
    • Two Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning courses

In addition students will complete work in each of six broadly defined modes of inquiry:

These works encompass crucial elements of a general education (5 credits minimum to fulfill six Modes of Inquiry)

  1. Understanding the Natural World - (NW)
  2. Creating in the Arts - (CA)
  3. Examining Values - (EV)
  4. Thinking Historically - (TH)
  5. Interpreting Texts - (IT)
  6. Understanding Society - (US)

As you consider the requirements and your educational goals, keep in mind that a single course can be used to satisfy two requirements. For example, you can elect to take an Anthropology class to satisfy the Understanding Society Mode of Inquiry and count it toward a major in Anthropology if that is your eventual choice. A variety of like combinations exist within our curriculum, making it possible for students to satisfy requirements and explore new subjects and interests at the same time.

A more detailed description and explanation of the degree requirements is in the Willamette Catalog.