Nathan Sivers Boyce

Associate Professor of Economics

Nathan Sivers Boyce earned a Ph.D. in Engineering Economic Systems from Stanford University in 2002 and has been a member of the Economics Department faculty at Willamette University ever since. Nathan regularly teaches courses in microeconomics, environmental economics, economic statistics, and econometrics. His research interests include economic pedagogy, policy issues of local interest, and the economics of international environmental agreements.


Fall 2013

  • IDS 101 - 28 – College Colloquium: Promoting Energy Efficiency
  • Econ 452 – Introduction to Econometrics and Forecasting
  • Econ 470 – Advanced Topics in Economics: Economics of Sustainability

Recent Publications

June 2011. Taylor, Laura and Sivers Boyce, Nathan. “Estimating Bias in the Inflation
Forecasts of the OASDI Trustees Report,” submitted for publication to the Journal
of Forensic Economics.

October, 2010 . Sivers-Boyce, Nathan. “Don't be confused by false claims on federal
tax cuts,” Oregonian, 10/25/2010.

June, 2010. Sivers-Boyce, Nathan. “US oil dependency far too costly,” Salem
Statesman Journal, 6/20/2010, p. C13.

January, 2010 Willamette University Sustainability Council. 2008-2009 Sustainability Indicators
Report and 2008-2009 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report. .

December, 2009 Nave, Andy and Sivers Boyce, Nathan. “An Economic Valuation of the Fairview Mitigation Wetlands” with Andy Nave. Submitted to City of Salem and the Pringle Creek Watershed Council.