Senior Papers

During the senior year each Environmental and Earth Sciences major completes a thesis. An original piece of research, the thesis is an interdisciplinary study of nature and human impact on nature demonstrating a familiarity with relevent literature and methods of analysis both within and across disciplines. A list of completed theses by year is below. You may either scroll down or click on the year to view a thesis. Electronic versions are available on the Academic Commons website.


Baures, Jackson
Human Health Hazards of Water Contact Recreation in the Willamette River an approach to water quality analysis

Campe, Catherine
Environmental Education in Elementary Schools: which teaching methods are the most effective?

Chung, Robin Lea
The Evolution of Recycling to a Market Based System: does the market system work?

Del Aguila, Aimee
The Upper San Pedro Basin, Arizona: a review of its hydrology and its possibility of border issues

Dion, Rebecca
Ecotourism: advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism: a case study of indigenous ecotourism in Rio Balnco, Ecuador

Dittman, Laura Rebecca
Human-induced Sedimentation in Estuaries: Siletz Bay, Oregon

Dyrdahl, Alicia
Environmental Impacts of Ski Resort Expansion in Oregon

Eggleston, Sarah
Scrap Tires: an example for the future?

Elder, Doug
Environmental Analysis of the Proposal to Remove Dams from the Lower Snake River

Everitt, Jeremy
Planning to Preserve: the Columbia River Gorge national scenic area as a regional planning model

Godfrey, Alida
Federal Energy Regulation Commission's Dam Re-Licensing Process: a case study on Edwards Dam

Isle, Justin W.
If Darwin Could See Them Now: ecological and ethical consequences of introduced species in the Galapagos Islands

Kinnett, Ryan
A Roseburg Forest Products Log Pond: case study and possible bioremediation solutions

Klure, Justin
Energy Efficiency: building for a sustainable future

Martin, Tim
Green Building and the Sustainable Building Movement

Miller, Ward
Nature Tourism and Sustainable Management in Mt. Hood National Forest

Mills, Sally
What is a Wellhead Protection Program and Why is it Important that Oregon Have One?

Newkirt, Lisa
Logging Practices and their Relationship to Mass Wasting

Schmidt, Carey Beaumont Christian
The Reintroduction of the Wolf: ecosystem health and attitudes towards predators

Sina, Heather
The Impact of Alien Vertebrates on Endemic Bird Populations in Hawai'i: the ecological and political problems of a case study of the Palila and 'Alala

Torres, Brian
Detroit Dam: a case study of the economic and environmental consequences of dam building in the Willamette Valley

Treber, Jennifer
The Air you Breathe: formaldehyde and benzene in the indoor environment

Venzon, Arianne
Industrial Hemp: environmental and economic benefits of a renewable resource

Waller, John
A Conflict Analysis of the Windy Canyon Timber Sale