Senior Papers

During the senior year each Environmental and Earth Sciences major completes a thesis. An original piece of research, the thesis is an interdisciplinary study of nature and human impact on nature demonstrating a familiarity with relevent literature and methods of analysis both within and across disciplines. A list of completed theses by year is below. You may either scroll down or click on the year to view a thesis. Electronic versions are available on the Academic Commons website.


Aoyagi, Yoshiki
Preservation and Land-Use Planning: National Parks in Japan

Boesiger, Brienne
Advantages and Disadvantages of Constructed Wetland Wasterwater Treatment Systems and How They Apply to the Salem/Keizer Area

Bonney, Catherine
An Innovative Approach to Remediation of Contaminated Sediments in the Portland Harbor

Canning, Peter D.
The Myth of Sustainable Growth: Population Growth, Agriculture and Environmental Degradation: the Dilemma of Sub-Saharan Africa

Dimock, Cynthia M.
Fuel Loading and Fire Management: A Case Study of the Avery Property, Western Cascades, Oregon

Duncan III, Kenneth
Vegetation Changes in the Willamette Valley Since European Settlement: Bonesteele Park as a Case Study

Fritzgerald, Beth
Environmentalism and Protestant Thought: Evaluating Worster's Edwards Hypothesis

Hausermann, Heidi
Community Conservation in South and East Africa

Hiebler, Jennifer
Evolution of Flood Control: Watershed Management and Stream Restoration on Johnson Creek, Portland, Oregon

Hochtl III, Karl
Solutions to Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Case Study on the Pudding River Drainage Basin

Kinnett, Kristana
Cascades of Fire: the Geology and Geological Hazards of Baker, Hood, and Shasta

Newkirk, Laura Josephine
Coastal Erosion Hazards on the Oregon Coast

O'Conner, Jacqueline S.Lahars of Mount Rainer and Mount Hood

Ott, Radley
Geology and Volcanic Hazards of Newberry Volcano, Central Oregon

Rollenhagen, Kari J.
Species Diversity of Bonesteele Prairie: Assessment And Establishment of An Ongoing Project

Salisbury, Kenda Rae
Mass Media Involvement in the General Public's Knowledge of the Environment

Sendelbach, Susan M.
Smokey Bear: Worth Growling About?

Smith, Lindsay K.
Living Machines: An Ecological Solution?

Stiles, Greg H.
Rail-to-Trail Conversion of the Union Pacific Corporation's Salem-Geer Line

Wessels, Kourtney
Environmentalism Across Borders: the Biobio River in Chile