Senior Papers

During the senior year each Environmental and Earth Sciences major completes a thesis. An original piece of research, the thesis is an interdisciplinary study of nature and human impact on nature demonstrating a familiarity with relevent literature and methods of analysis both within and across disciplines. A list of completed theses by year is below. You may either scroll down or click on the year to view a thesis. Electronic versions are available on the Academic Commons website.


Briggs, Aaron
The Urban Growth Boundary and the Environment: Salem, Oregon as a Case Study

Cruise, Stephen
Comparison of Current Sustainable Forest Practices in France and Germany with Those in the United States

Detrich, Rebecca
Circumstances of Success: Species Reintroduction and the Gray Wolves of Yellowstone

Foley, Matt
Unnatural Declines in Rattlesnake Populations Due to Unnatural Extermination Practices

Helseth, Kirsten
The Nature of Ecosystems: Does Systemic or Chaotic Theory Prevail?

Jenkins, Peter B.
Can User Fees Save Public Lands?

Jones, Cynthia D.
Ecological Restoration of Oak Savanna Ecosystems

Jorgensen, Jered Freyden
Applying Land-Use Based Management Strategies to Address Growth in Small Communities: A Case Study in Prescott, Arizona

Markiewicz, Jeremy
Environmental Attitudes and Economic Behavior in a Consumerist Society: The Growing Contradiction in the 1990's

Marshall, Stephanie
USDA Forest Service: A Move to Ecosystem Management in the Pacific Northwest

Norris, Forest E.
Opal Creek Wilderness Area: A Catalyst for the Implementation of a Geographic Information System by the Friends of Opal Creek

Santa, Alexander J.
The Effects of Visitor Overuse on the Management and Ecology of our National Parks

Scarth, Robyn
Cooperative Land Management: The Stewardship Agreement Between the U.S. Forest Service and the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Oregon as a Case Study

Seiffert, Kaia Q.
Municipal Solid Waste Emissions and Atmospheric Mercury: A Case Study on the Marion County Waste-to-Energy Facility

Springer, Nathan
Boy Scouts and Environmental Awareness: An Analysis of Environmental Education in the Boy Scouts of America

Swilley, Shane
Zoos and Conservation: An Overview of the Changing Role of Zoos as Members of the Conservation Community with a Personal Assessment of the Oregon Zoos Ability to Meet this Change

Taylor, Jennifer
Ecological Restoration in Riparian and Floodplain Areas: A case study of Brown's Inland Restoration

Zee, Amanda
The Importance of Native Plant Populations for the Preservation of an Ecosystem and Culture: A Case Study with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs