Senior Papers

During the senior year each Environmental and Earth Sciences major completes a thesis. An original piece of research, the thesis is an interdisciplinary study of nature and human impact on nature demonstrating a familiarity with relevent literature and methods of analysis both within and across disciplines. A list of completed theses by year is below. You may either scroll down or click on the year to view a thesis. Electronic versions are available on the Academic Commons website.


Bernacchi, Leigh
Effects and Ethics of Single Species Management:
A Study of the Nature Conservancy's Management at Cascade Head

Bondaug, Jr., Keith A.
An Examination of Environmental Studies Programs in Oregon's Colleges and Universities

Everitt, Patrick
What is the Environmental Impact of Professional Athletics? A Study of Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington

Garretson, Sean
Ignoring the Threat: Pollution, Policies, and Threats Associated with Oregon's Leaking UST & Hot Sites Closed Under Cleanup Standards Preceding Those of September 22, 2003

Hagen, Marcie
Nature Sells:
The Falsified Image of Nature in Advertising

Huntley, Heather
You Can Lead a Salemite to Water but You Can't Make Him Recycle: An Analysis of the Unrealized Potential for Public Receptacle Recycling in Salem, Oregon

Kirschner, Kristin
Willamette Valley Pine: A Correlation of Ponderosa Pine and Soil Type Within the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Kraus, Kristopher
Enlightenment Attitudes of Domination and Control in the Context of Socio-Biology

Steen, Elizabeth
The Burning Question: A Study of the Air Pollution from Agricultural Burning in the Willamette Valley

Worah, Moneka
An Analysis of Wetlands Regulations and Mitigation in a Local Setting: Balancing Wetlands Development, Mititgation, and Protection in Salem, Oregon