Senior Paper

During the senior year each Environmental and Earth Sciences major completes a thesis. An original piece of research, the thesis is an interdisciplinary study of nature and human impact on nature demonstrating a familiarity with relevant literature and methods of analysis both within and across disciplines. A list of completed theses by year is below. You may either scroll down or click on the year to view a thesis. Electronic versions are available on the Academic Commons website.


Bailey, Javan
Change in Abundances of Marine Invertebrates in the Rocky Intertidal Zone Along the Oregon Coast

Barnes, Samantha
Using Dendrochronology to Determine the Quality of Timber and the Corresponding Economic Value of Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas-fir) at Zena Forest, Oregon

Bernstein, Kevin
Using LiDAR to measure Biomass and Carbon Sequestration at Zena Forest, Oregon

Burke, Emily
An Analysis of the Habitat and Aquatic Insects as Factors in the Decline of Wild Cutthroat Trout in the North Santiam River, Oregon

Compton, Emily
Greening the Curriculum: A Case Study of 10 Universities

Cyra, Keller
Study of Endangered Lupine Habitat Near Salem, Oregon as a Linked Migration Habitat for Fender's Blue Butterfly

DeHaas, Larissa
The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Blue Mussel (Mytilus trossulus) Within the Puget Sound

Dimock, Lauren
The Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Pacific Herring Spawning Sites in the Yaquina Bay, Oregon

Edwards, Theresa
Avian Community Composition in Relation to Tree Canopy Cover in Oak Habitats: Case Study at Zena Forest in Salem, Oregon

Faunt, Matthew
Urban and Community Forestry: A Comparison of Annual Benefits in the Northeast Neighbors and North Lancaster neighborhoods in Salem, Oregon

Gildehaus, Stevie
The Dendroclimatological Potential of Willamette Valley Quercus garryana

Givens, Genora
A Perfect Storm: Vanport City, Geographic Hazards, and the Creation of Social Vulnerability

Gratz-Weiser, Morgan
Bottle or Tap: Is Bottled Water a Necessity On Willamette University's Campus?

Hash, Meagan
Trapping of the Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) in NW Montana: An Analysis of Trends to Improve Efficiency

Henken, Lauren
Growing the Benefits: An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Youth Garden Programs in Reconnecting Youth to the Outdoors and Promoting Healthier Eating Habits

Huecksteadt, Max
A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Retrofitting Willamette University Parking Lots with Porous Pavement

Jensen, Erica
Bon Appetit at Willamette University: Carbon Emissions Associated with the Transportation of Produce

Johnston, Josephine
Perceptions of Climate Change Among the Blackfeet and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Western Montana

Kime, Gabe
Turning Back The Tide: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Retrofitting the Spark's Athletic Center with a Rainwater Harvesting System

Laird, Tommy
A Pre-Colonial Record of Fire History in the Mid-Willamette Valley from Clear Lake, Oregon

Litke, Emily
Use of Technology in Determining Irrigation at Willamette University's Zena Farm and Nearby Willamette Valley Farms

Lukas, Michael
A GPR Characterization of the Linn Gravels Formation and Pleistocene North Fork Santiam River in Salem, Oregon

Long, Adam
The Relationship Between Stand Age and Annual Carbon Uptake in Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) at Zena Forest, Oregon

Noll, Brayton
Sense of Place: Improving Place Understanding at Bush Park

Pfeiffer, Kate
Measurement and Analysis of Stormwater Quality in a Subsurface Gravel Wetland

Pranger, Kory
Water Quality Analysis of the Pudding River, OR: What Role Does Farming Practices Play in Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations in River Water?

Roche, Alzada
Big Maps and Little Mushrooms: An Application of Public Participation GIS and Ethnographic Methods to Document Non-Timber Forest Product Use and Users in Salem, Oregon

Smith, Heather
Agri-Food Education in Elementary Schools: Developing Methods for Integrating Agri-food Education into Existing Elementary Curriculum

Smith, Travis
The Judicial Framing of Radical Environmentalists Pre and Post September 11th, 2001

Sproul, Alexander
Rapoport's Rule: An Empirical Study on the Applicability to Select Western Hemisphere Avian Species

Till, Alisha
Modeling Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in Pringle Creek Watershed, Oregon

Tucker, Summer
Investigating of a Potential Organic Food Desert in Salem, Oregon

Warner, Reed
Analysis of the Success of Riparian Restoration Projects on the Salmon River Since the Implementation of the Oregon Plan

Wright, Marissa
A Case Study in Salem, Oregon: Valuation of Ecosystem Services In Urban Forestry