Skiing: Course Fees

Each student who enrolls in EXSA 059 assumes the following financial obligations:

Mt. Hood Meadows Fees
The cost of package options and bus (see below) is paid to Mt. Hood Meadows, and not Willamette University.
 You must determine what discipline you intend to enroll in and whether you require rental equipment and/or lift tickets. If you do not already have a season pass, you will purchase a 5-week pass as part of your ski or snowboard package. Because these packages are purchased as a group, there is a significant discount. All Course participants are required to take lessons during the class days.

Payment of your Mt. Hood Meadows fee will be paid on-line, after receiving a special discount code from Mark Stewart, the course instructor.
 Once CLA registration is complete, all students registered for the Ski course will be contacted by the instructor, via email, with instructions on how to complete the MHM package registration and payment on-line using the discount code.

Additionally, each student will be charged the $113 bus fee when purchasing a package option.

Bus fee not refundable after Dec. 15, 2015

Lesson Type Service Combination Fee
Alpine/Telemark/Snowboard Lessons ONLY (5 each) $170
Lessons & Lift (5 each) $360
Lessons & Rental (5 each) $290
Lessons & Rental & Lift (5 each) $434
Nordic (Cross Country) Lessons & Track Tickets (5 each) $162
Lessons & Track Tickets & Rental (5 each) $203
†   Telemark rentals are not available through course program. They are available directly from the Mt. Hood Demo Shop only. See or email program coordinator Mark Stewart for more information.