Collins Science Center

Anatomy Laboratory

The Human Anatomy Laboratory is located on the 4th floor of Collins Hall in room 408. Our newly renovated laboratory space has increased ventilation; modern safety features, overhead digital dissection display and much more!  Our students have the privilege of working with cadavers, a fact that has enhanced their educational experience, both at Willamette and beyond.

Anatomy Laboratory in Collins 408

iSCIENCE Laboratory

Faculty from the Departments of Psychology and Exercise Science have led the effort to create truly interdisciplinary, integrated, introductory science courses and were recently rewarded with a grant from the National Science Foundation. The funds allowed the purchase of six new Biopac data acquisition systems and associated software and hardware to be housed in the newly established iScience Laboratory. This laboratory is a cornerstone of the new Human Sciences Initiative launched recently by the two departments.

iScience lab

iScience lab