Carol Li

你好!我叫李诗雅. Even though my family is from Guangdong, the Southern region of China and they primarily spoke Cantonese, I still wanted to take Mandarin because I wanted to reconnect with my Chinese heritage through learning the language. I also wanted to learn how to read and write in Chinese characters. Mandarin is also a very practical language to learn in this current day and age as China becomes more prominent in the world sphere. I hope to one day maybe be a part of fostering diplomacy or world relations with U.S. and China, or live there for a few years and teach English. Learning Mandarin has been an avenue for me to experience and appreciate a culture that is different than what I am used to. Yet it has also been a friendly reminder of the culture that my family brought with them to America and integrate into my life.

I was lucky enough to travel to Fudan University in Shanghai last summer for a one-month study abroad program. It was such an amazing experience. My values were tested, and it was scary being on my own. However, my Mandarin improved significantly and I became appreciative of the immersion of culture and experience that I was able to have. It was so much fun! I hope to go back sometime very soon!"