How the program works

The LARC program is designed to pair students with a supervising faculty member for 9 weeks of collaborative research work during the summer months. Each student/faculty group will also be a part of a research community comprised of at least one but no more than three other student/faculty groups.

  • Students will receive financial assistance to make full-time dedication to the research experience possible.
  • All faculty participants are eligible to apply for funding to cover costs for supplies, travel, and equipment (up to $1500 per student/faculty group).
  • Faculty who are proposing projects for the summer of 2015 will share their research interests in the Faculty Profiles section in late October.
  • For specific detail about applications, timelines, schedule of payments, etc. please visit the Student Eligibility.

In addition to completing their duties as a member of the research team, students must make an oral presentation at a conference on undergraduate research hosted by Willamette. Students are also encouraged to present their work at regional or national conferences, and all final LARC projects will be accessible electronically through the Hatfield Library.


  • November 6, 2014—Collaborative Research Forum, 11:30-12:40, in the Montag Den.  All students and faculty interested in participating in LARC 2015 should attend this event.
  • December 1, 2014—Deadline for students to contact faculty members applying for LARC
  • January 16, 2015—All Application materials due from research communities (including all faculty members and students participating in them)
  • Early February 2015—Participants in LARC 2015 announced
  • Spring 2015—Research communities and faculty/student pairings to begin informal, preliminary conversations about summer collaborative work.
  • June 2015—LARC projects begin (for most groups)
  • August 2015—LARC projects end (unless start date varied)
  • September 18, 2015—Students present LARC projects at Undergraduate Research Conference hosted by Willamette