Articles from the Past Department Newsletters

Factoring Challenge Conquered - With a Little Help From Willamette -
by Mark Janeba, 1994

How can you get 600 computers working together to factor a 129-digit number?
The Pentium Problem
by Mark Janeba, 1995

How Intel's Pentium processor made arithmetic errors, and how it was discovered.
Sekino's Fractal Gallery and Stories about Fractal Plotting
by Junpei Sekino, 1997

A guide for plotting chaos-based fractals on the computer display with many examples and some historical remarks.
Who's the Goat ... Marilyn or the Mathematicians?
by Junpei Sekino, 1994

The “Ask Marilyn/Monty Hall” controversy explained.

Other Items from the Mathematics Department

James T. Matthews Endowed Chair in Mathematics
Background information on James T. Matthews and the James T. Matthews Endowed Chair in Mathematics.

Professional Journals

American Mathematical Society's Bookstore

A list of journals distributed by AMS.

The Mathematical Association of America Online

A list of journals/books published by MAA including the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Link to the nine journals they publish.