Winds of Change

The series represents three highly contrasting aesthetic positions. Stravinsky’s acerbic wind sonorities contrast a more expansive Peel study in ‘musical prose,’ a wind ensemble accompanying a concertante trio of piano, violin and cello. The motoric and humorous Adams work is inspired by Road Runner cartoons and the Schoenberg First Chamber Symphony!

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Featured was the New Music at Willamette Chamber Orchestra and guest conductor Grant Linsell

The New Music at Willamette concert series was funded by the Swindells Chair in Music and the College of Liberal Arts

The New Music at Willamette Series continues the ‘tradition’ from last spring’s 20th anniversary concert when they explored new music for chamber orchestra.

Now they will present a broad spectrum of music from the early and late 20th century – including neo-classic Stravinsky with the Octet from 1923, the neo-romantic Variazioni concertanti from 1987 by composer-in-residence John Peel and the post-modern, minimalist Chamber Symphony by John Adams from 1993.

The orchestra comprises faculty artists, supplemented with some of the region’s finest symphonic and chamber musicians. The guest conductor will be Grant Linsell, director of the Wind Ensemble at Willamette University.

Feb. 17, 2012
Hudson Concert Hall, Willamette University