Pre-Health Program

Compassion. Curiosity. Dedication. These values have driven generations of researchers, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, vets, therapists and other healthcare professionals to choose Willamette as the place where they begin diverse careers in health and medicine.

Here, students have unmatched opportunities to work on undergraduate research with leading scholars and teachers who are committed to undergraduate education. As part of Willamette’s liberal arts curriculum, students develop communication skills, cultural competencies and the broad perspective needed to be effective practitioners.

Whether seeking to treat the sick and injured directly or to advance medical science through research, participants in Willamette’s Pre-Health program complete prerequisite courses, gain practical experience, and access to advising and support resources that successfully prepare them for their chosen health field.


Health Professions Career Planning (10/18/2017)

Course planning for health professions careers


Personal Statements (11/16/2017)

Personal statements for professional/grad school