Welcome Pre-Health Class of 2018

The Willamette Pre-Health Program welcomes you to your Pre-Health undergraduate education. The next four years will be a flurry of course requisites, labs, volunteering, Organic Chemistry problem sets,  triumphs, worries, and the famous late-night taco run. Most importantly, these next four years mark professional growth and development as you construct your own medical/healthcare career path.  To help you stay on track as a Pre-Health student, we have listed 6 easy ways you can get started as a Pre-Health student at Willamette.

Fall 2014 To-Do List:

Step 1

Class Schedule

Visit the course schedule to begin planning your fall semester. It is critical that you register for CHEM 115 (both the lecture and lab section) in the first semester. If you are unable to enroll in either the class, the lab, or both, please send an email immediately to Professor Sarah Kirk at skirk@willamette.edu

Step 2

Join the Pre-Health Mail Group

Join the Pre-Health program officially by filling out this form. In order to access the form you will need to use your Willamette email address; otherwise it will not direct you to the form.Once you have submitted the form, you will be added to our mailing listserv and receive Pre-Health correspondence concerning events, volunteer/internship/job opportunities, and tips.

Step 3

Pre-Health Orientation

Attend the Pre-Health Orientation on Tuesday, August 26th in Collins 205. Those with last names beginning with A-K are invited to attend the 5-6pm program; those with last names beginning with L-Z are invited to attend the 6:15-7:15pm program. At the orientation, you will meet your advisors, Pre-Health peers and the rest of your classmates as you begin your first year at Willamette.

Step 4

Schedule an Appointment with a Career Counselor

Schedule an appointment with one of our amazing career counselors at the Career Center. You can also stop by during their drop-in hours from 2-5pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They can help you choose a major, prepare for interviews, look for a job or career, find contacts for networking, apply to grad school, and build a strong resume and cover letter. If you want to graduate with experience, an impeccable resume and a plan, a Career Counselor will be of great service. Additionally, you may contact Monique Bourque, the Director of Health Professions Advising and Student Fellowships (mbourque@willamette.edu) for additional help with Pre-Health-related questions.

Step 5

Like the Pre-Health Facebook Page

If you are an avid Facebook addict, then join our Facebook group to stay updated on all the Pre-Health events and news while simultaneously networking with current Pre-Health Peers.

Step 6

Explore the Pre-Health Website

Check out our Pre-Health Website and Pre-Health Career Page. We have designed this website to contain resources specifically for Pre-Health students. Whether you require resumes, Pre-Health service and/or experience opportunities, job-shadowing or networking with healthcare professionals, preparing for the MCAT and other admissions requirements or just trying to answer the question, “how do I want to help people?”, our website has everything you need and more.

Pre-Health 911

If you have any questions or comments about course requirements, medical experiences and opportunities, or general information concerning the Pre-Health program, feel free to contact the Willamette University Career Center: career-services@willamette.edu, 503-370-6413, or visit us on the 3rd Floor of the UC.