Welcome Pre-Health Class of 2017

The Willamette Pre-Health Program welcomes you to your Pre-Health undergraduate education. The next four years will be a flurry of course requisites, labs, volunteering, Organic Chemistry problem sets,  triumphs, worries, and the famous late-night taco run. Most importantly, these next four years mark professional growth and development as you construct your own medical/healthcare career path.  To help you stay on track as a Pre-Health student, we have listed 5 easy ways you can get started as a Pre-Health student at Willamette.

Fall 2013 To-Do List:

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment with the Pre-Health Intern

Contact Juan D. Ramos, the Pre-Health Intern, to schedule an appointment to discuss the Pre-Health Program, the Four-Year Plan, applying to Graduate/medical School, pre-health internship opportunities on and off campus, pre-health resources, scheduling, connecting with pre-health advisers, and job shadowing. Whether in person or via e-mail, the Pre-Health Intern is a great resource. You can reach Mr. Ramos via email at jramos@willamette.edu.

Step 2

Join the Pre-Health Mail Group

Join the Pre-Health program officially by filling out this form. In order to access the form you will need to use your Willamette email address; otherwise it will not direct you to the form.Once you have submitted the form, you will be added to our mailing listserv and receive Pre-Health correspondence concerning events, volunteer/internship/job opportunities, and tips.

Step 3

Schedule an Appointment with a Career Counselor

Schedule an appointment with one of our amazing career counselors at the Career Center. They can help you choose a major, prepare for interviews, look for a job or career, find contacts for networking, apply to grad school, and build a strong resume and cover letter. If you want to graduate with experience, an impeccable resume and a plan, a Career Counselor will be of great service.

Step 4

Like the Pre-Health Facebook Page

If you are an avid Facebook addict, then join our Facebook group to stay updated on all the Pre-Health events and news while simultaneously networking with current Pre-Health Peers.

Step 5

Explore the Pre-Health Website

Check out our Pre-Health Website and Pre-Health Career Page. We have designed this website to contain resources specifically for Pre-Health students. Whether you require resumes, Pre-Health service and/or experience opportunities, job-shadowing or networking with healthcare professionals, preparing for the MCAT and other admissions requirements or just trying to answer the question, “how do I want to help people?”, our website has everything you need and more.

Pre-Health 911

If you have any questions or comments about course requirements, medical experiences and opportunities, or general information concerning the Pre-Health program, feel free to contact the Willamette University Career Center: career-services@willamette.edu, 503-370-6413, or visit us on the 3rd Floor of the UC.