Online Resources

Regardless of whether you are on the Pre-Medical track or the Allied Health track, this page contains valuable information and online resources to support you in your academic and career development.

Career Exploration Resources

Whether it be vocational discernment, resume assistance, job-shadow/internship experiences, or even interview training, these resources are ideal for any student researching those career questions and career necessities for entrance into the medical field.

Service Opportunity Resources Resources

Are you interested in volunteering or interning within the medical field? This expansive database of Salem and nearby service opportunities will not only provide you with detailed information concerning the application process, but also contact information for each program.

Additional Resources

Presenting, the first ever 'Quick Link' page of resources for pre-health students. Containing everything from online application sites to direct links to medical institution databases, this page allows you to directly access essential materials for any pre-health student, regardless of desired occupation.

Online Resources