Over the years the SCR Program has supported almost 30 faculty and dozens of students. In some cases (indicated by *) faculty participated in SCRP activities using external funds requiring minimal or no support from SCRP.

Year          Faculty                                                Students   

1999            Arabas                                            Mike Birkeland
                   Koprowski                                       Sara Coffey
                   O'Hare                                            Briana Gross
                   Silverstein                                      Nathan Gushwa
                   Stebbins-Boaz                                 Scott Howe
                   Willemsen                                       Peter Jenkins
                                                                        Cynthia Jones
                                                                        Melissa Rasar
                                                                        Kate Schubothe
                                                                        Elisa Winger
                                                                        Matthew Woolsey