Over the years the SCR Program has supported almost 30 faculty and dozens of students. In some cases (indicated by *) faculty participated in SCRP activities using external funds requiring minimal or no support from SCRP.

Year          Faculty                                                Students   

2006            Beilby                                               Constance Adler
                   Craig                                                 Jordan Aney
                   Tallman                                             Benjamen Bycroft
                   Kirk                                                  Kacy Church
                   Pike                                                  Kindra Clark-Snustad
                   Stavrianeas                                       Peter Crisalli
                   Kephart *                                          Minh Dau
                                                                           Jacquie Grace
                                                                           Sarah McGuffin
                                                                           Cari Schruth
                                                                           Rachel White
                                                                           Ingrid Wieser
                                                                           Daniel Yaeger