Requirements for the Sustainability Minor (5 Credits)

  • Students may not take more than two courses in a field.
  • Students cannot count more than two courses with the same prefix towards the minor.

Choose five (5) credits from these course fields:

Field 1: Natural Systems

Field 2: Economic and Social Sustainability

  • ENVS 334: Political Ecology
  • ENVS 327W: Water Resources of the Western US
  • ECON 345: Environmental Economics (substantial coverage of Sustainability)
  • ECON 470W: Advanced Topics in Economies (when the topic is Sustainability)
  • ENVS 321: Environmental Policymaking

Field 3: Equity and Community

Field 4: Graduate School Offerings

  • LAW 386: Global Sustainability
  • LAW 348: Environmental Law and Policy: Sustainable Natural Resources
  • LAW 387: Energy & Climate Law
  • GSM 6012: Development Economics
  • GSM 6296: Organizational Integrity: Sustainability