HRIS Implementation Schedule

The general rollout for the HRIS will follow the schedule below - dates are subject to change.

Late Summer/Early Fall 2016

Planning (completed 9/26/2016)
  • Identification of the Workday packages that fit Willamette's needs.
  • Communication with the Willamette community about the Workday project.
  • Development of an implementation plan for Willamette.
  • Launch of required training sessions from Workday for Willamette implementation team.

Fall 2016/Spring 2017

Structuring the System and Aligning with Processes (completed 2/17/2017)
  • Outline of existing business processes related to human resources, attendance, and payroll.
  • Identification of Willamette systems that require integration with Workday.
  • Alignment of Willamette processes with best practices.

Late Fall 2016/Early Spring 2017

Configuring the System and Designing Processes (completed 3/10/2017)
  • Customization of Workday system for Willamette's environment.
  • Intensive unit testing of each element of Workday.
  • Review and adjustment of Workday system as needed.
  • Development and review of reports for human resources and payroll operations.

Spring 2017

  • System-wide testing of Workday and review of employee lifecycle functions.
  • Final adjustments on the Workday system based on testing.
  • Community support through Willamette-led training.

Early Summer 2017 (go-live date scheduled for July 2017)

  • Begin use of Workday for human resources, attendance, and payroll business processes.
  • Post and hire new Willamette positions via Workday.
  • Utilization of Workday by supervisors and Willamette employees.
  • Invite employees to use self-service of employment information, attendance, and payroll functions.

Late Summer 2017 (before beginning of 2017-18 academic year)

  • Ongoing support of Workday system for Willamette community.
  • Improve business processes around Workday as opportunities arise.