Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Planning Committee is a University wide standing committee with responsibility for identifying and assessing the relative priorities of facilities needs and recommending plans to the president for meeting those needs. In carrying out that responsibility, the Committee will maintain and regularly update a complete list of proposed facilities improvements and major maintenance projects. Part of the effort will involve reviewing and evaluating facilities project requests submitted as part of the annual budget preparation process.

In addition, the Committee will review, assess, and make recommendations with regard to proposed changes in use of space and review and comment on plans for any project greater than $50K.

Guiding Principles:

  • Give top priority to needs directly related to the University’s educational mission.
  • Focus on providing facilities that enhance the quality of the University and its programs.
  • Help assure continued progress on reducing and preventing deferred maintenance.
  • Enhance and retain green space.
  • Maintain the University’s residential character.
  • Promote facility design that allows flexibility of space use.
  • Promote space efficiency through positioning of related activities.
  • Seek cross use of facilities (e.g. by two or more schools or departments).
  • Recognize and consider revenue and cost impacts, including payback period for projects that increase revenue or reduce expense.
  • Promote sustainable design that:

~ Assures that facilities are technology ready.

~ Provides energy efficiency, high air quality, and desirable interior space.

~ Meets the standards for LEEDS major categories.