Facilities Planning Committee

Committee membership includes representation as follows:

Financial Affairs - two representatives

  • W. Arnold Yasinski, Vice President for Financial Affairs/Treasurer – Chair
  • Robert N.Olson, Associate Vice President for Financial Affairs

Administrative Services – one representative

  • Jim Bauer, Vice President for Administrative Services

Atkinson Graduate School of Management - one representative - faculty, staff or student

  • Alexander R Subert - Assistant Dean & Director of Admission

Associated Students of Willamette University - one Undergraduate Student representative

  • Colleen Smyth

CLA Dean Office- two representatives

  • Deborah Dancik - Associate VP Academic Affairs
  • Marlene Moore - Dean

CLA Faculty - one representative

  • Sarah Kirk - Associate Professor, Chemistry

Campus Life - two representatives

  • David Douglass, Dean of Campus Life
  • David Rigsby Director of Athletics

Classified Council

  • Holli Davenport, Assistant to the Chaplains

College of Law - one representative - faculty, staff or student

  • Norman Williams - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Enrollment Services - one representative

  • Michael Beseda - Vice President for Enrollment and University Communications

Facilities Management - two representatives

  • Gary Grimm, Manager of Operations/Energy
  • Jan Gardner, Director Facilities Management

Sustainability Council - one representative

  • Joe Abraham- Director, Sustainability Institute

Advancement - one representative

  • Dennis Bergvall, Vice President for Advancement

Willamette Integrated Technology Services - one representative

  • John Balling, Vice President of Integrated Technology Services

Staff for Committee:

  • Linda Lombard, Manager of Fiscal Affairs