The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee will consist of 8 community members. At least four appointed by WU from faculty or staff, and four volunteer members representing major activity areas of the University. Members will serve at least one year, but no more than three one year terms. Appointments may be staggered so that the committee consists of a majority of experienced members.

There are also two standing appointments; they are the Safety Education Officer and a representative from Human Resources. These standing appointments will facilitate the operation of the committee and insure that the duties are fulfilled in a reasonable and practical manner. The Safety Education Officer will be responsible for representing the needs and objectives of the committee to university departments as departments seek solutions to the concerns suggested by the committee.

Facilitator and Facilitator Elect

The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee will elect two of its representatives by majority as leaders. These representatives will lead the committee meetings.

Duties of the Facilitator

  • Schedule regular committee meetings.
  • Develop written agendas for conducting meeting.
  • Conduct the committee meeting.
  • Approve committee correspondence and reports.
  • Supervise the preparation of meeting minutes.

Duties of the Facilitator Elect

  • In the Facilitator’s absence, assume his/her duties.
  • Perform other duties as directed by the Facilitator.

Terms of service

Facilitator Elect will rise to the duties of Facilitator after his/her first year of appointment.


New representatives will receive training in safety committee functions, hazard identification, and procedures for investigating accidents. OR-OSHA will provide training through its occupational safety and health workshops and online courses. Members will need to register for training within 60-days of appointment to the committee.


Monthly schedule: The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee will meet once a month with the date to be finalized after 01-January-2009. Meeting dates/times can be adjusted as needed to accommodate unexpected conflicts or when the committee conducts quarterly workplace safety inspections.

Attendance and Alternative Members: Each representative will attend regularly scheduled safety committee meetings and participate in quarterly workplace inspections and other committee activities. The committee may appoint alternate members. They will be called upon to act as a member of the standing committee should absences by members not allow the committee to adequately perform their appointed duties.

Agenda: The agenda will prescribe the order in which the Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee conducts its business. The agenda also will include the following when applicable:

  • A review of new safety and health concerns
  • A status report of faculty and staff safety and occupational health concerns under review
  • A review of all workplace near misses, accidents, illness, or deaths occurring since the last committee meeting.

Minutes: Minutes will be recorded at each committee meeting and distributed by email to committee members and posted on the Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee webpage. Additionally, the minutes will posted at the following locations:

  • Outside Human Resources Office, 1st Floor, Waller Hall
  • Employee Break-room, Facilities West and University Services Building Basement

A copy of the minutes will be held by the Willamette University Human Resources office and the Campus Safety Education officer for three years. All reports, evaluations, and recommendations of the committee will be included in the minutes. The minutes also will identify representatives who attended monthly meetings and representatives who were absent.

Faculty and staff involvement

The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee will encourage faculty and staff to identify occupational health and safety hazards in the workplace. Concerns raised by faculty and staff will be presented to the committee in writing, however, any concern or issue raised by a Willamette community member during a monthly meeting will be discussed at that time using appropriate care and caution for a need for immediate response. Otherwise, the committee will review new concerns at the next regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Safety log

The committee will maintain a log of all faculty and staff concerns, including the date received, recommendations for action, activity in progress, and the date the concern was resolved.


The committee will respond to concerns in writing. A response to individuals and any affected department will include the committee’s effort to resolve the issue, or when appropriate, a recommendation for effective resolution. A committee recommendation will be issued as an amicable and effective solution for resolving concerns. If a conflict exists because a recommendation is rejected, the responding administrator or department will, in writing, include reasons for rejection, or recommend accomplishable modifications that will fulfill the committee’s desire to resolve the issue.

Incident and accident investigation

The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee will review new safety- or health-related incidents at its next regularly scheduled meeting(s). Safety-related incidents include work-related near misses, injuries, illnesses, and deaths. When necessary, the committee will provide written recommendations for eliminating or controlling hazards.

Workplace inspections

The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee and appropriate staff will conduct quarterly workplace inspections of University facilities and buildings with the schedule to be determined after January 1 of each year.

Written report

The committee will prepare a written report showing the location of all occupational health or safety hazards found during inspection(s) or reported to the committee. Within the boundaries for knowledge held by the committee, the report will recommend options for eliminating or controlling the hazards, or report back the response from departments responsible for mitigation.


The Willamette University Occupational Safety and Health Committee will work with appropriate staff to evaluate workplace safety and occupational health programs annually. This effort will result in a written evaluation of the effort. Each October, the committee will evaluate the performance of its activities over the past year and use the evaluation to develop an action plan for the next year of activities and effort.