Student Workshops

October 6th

4:30–5:30 pm
Kendigo Performance
Willamette Academy students are welcome to attend a Samurai Sword performance sponsored by The Center for Asian Studies in order to spread awareness about Japanese culture.

October 7th

4:30-5:30 pm
Professor Jennifer Jopp

Professor Jopp answers the question, “Why study history?” And discusses how studying the past helped her imagine a future.

October 8th

5-6 pm
Barnard College Presentation

A representative from Barnard College in New York City will give a presentation about the college application process and provide tips for becoming a stronger candidate.

October 14th

5-6 pm
Saint Mary's College of California
An admissions counselor from Saint Mary's College will give a presentation for Academy students.

October 16th

9:30 am
Linfield College

Willamette Academy will visit Linfield College.

October 20th

4:30–5:30 pm
Pomona College Presentation
A representative from Pomona College will provide an overview of Pomona College and incorporate information about the Common Application, interviews, financial aid opportunities, private vs public institutions, and navigating the college selection process as a student who is first-generation, low-income, and/or is a person of color. 

October 21st

5-6 pm
Professor Peter Wogan
Professor Wogan will provide students with an introduction to Cultural Anthropology, the study of human cultures, by way of a short writing exercise.

November 2nd

5-6 pm
Professor Patricia Varas
Back by popular demand, Professor Varas will lead students in a discussion about how language and culture are components of identity.

November 11th

2:30–3:30 p.m.
Professor Juwen Zhang
Professor Zhang will lead a discussion about Chinese and Chinese American culture, related to history, language, identity, and folklore.

November 18th

4-5 pm
Professor Allison Hobgood
Professor Hobgood will guide students through poetry close reading and analysis to discuss personhood and self-identity, especially race, class, gender, and ability.